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Aluminium Windows

In Athome, we are resolved to offer the best options when we carry out refurbishments to our clients, and aluminium windows are one of these choices. Aluminium windows have been the most used in the last decades in Spain. Although they have recently lost some ground in favour of PVC windows, they still offer many advantages.

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are very resistant to weather elements. Their aluminium coating protects the windows from rust and they barely need maintenance.

Furthermore, they are very robust and shockproof. They are available for an affordable price, too, so aluminium windows are still a very attractive option for all kind of houses and businesses.

On top of that, aluminium is an environmentally friendly material. Hydroelectric energy is used in its fabrication, and it is totally recyclable once we have to get rid of the windows.

An aluminium window is safe and lightweight, because aluminium is not only strong but also non-flammable. This was a key point in choosing aluminium windows instead of traditional, wooden windows, as well as their resistance and the fact that they do not need to be painted.

Nevertheless, aluminium windows are available in many forms and colours, with custom designs, adjustable to the needs of every room. Aluminium is easily shaped and we can create forms that we could not get if we used any other material.

Finally, we have to mention that aluminium windows can make the most of natural light, due to their thin outlines. This is highly beneficial, not only for houses, but also for businesses, which will be nicer thanks to the room luminosity.

In Athome, we have the most modern, innovative aluminium windows.