We want to inspire you: this will be trending this 2021 in your home

Décor and interior design make a strong point in your house. If you want your home to be filled with modern areas where you can live, we suggest you follow these trends for the decoration of your house: ideas so your furniture, kitchen, lamps, colours… can be in fashion.

One of the main trends in interior décor for 2021 will be the combination and contrast of textures, materials, styles and colour. For example: even though the industrial style is one of the ideas that have been ruled out for your house, decorating areas with a warmer and more natural design, and then adding elements made of cement and metal (in gold and rosy tones, basically) is one of the top combinations, especially if they follow geometric patterns.

Another trend in interior décor is using ethnic details and artisanal textures, from ceramic tiles to vintage fabrics, in combination with modern and straight furniture. Wood is another trend, and it fits the fashion of choosing nature, generalized this year. Wood’s colours get darker this 2021, and they match with plants and vegetation so the design is complete and filled with life. At the same time, wood is trending in the bathroom floor (something new), and as rafter tails at the ceiling, which transform the style into something rustic immediately.

Decorating your new home with interior design also means choosing furniture, which not only needs to be trending and according to your personal style, but also practical for your daily life. It is very common in 2021 to find elements that fit your home décor but also make it easier for you to use your space to the fullest.

Regarding colours, not only in your walls, but also floors and ceilings, furniture and complements, the main trend is to use neutral tones, such as white, beige and grey. However, in order to contrast colours, it is in fashion to add some intensity to some decorative elements, so they stand out: dark green or blue, or the new colour of the year: ultraviolet.

Like we said, among the décor and interior design trends for your home this year 2021: contrast is everything. And how can you decorate using this technique better than combining black and white colours? This is still one of the most followed ideas in kitchens and bathrooms, although it is also in fashion to use dark grey or blue colours. Cement, not only in countertops, but also in walls, is very used in these two areas.

For your kitchen, we want to highlight, as one of the main trends this 2021 in interior design, two ideas: the combination of white furniture with wood, and open shelves in the walls, so everything is visible. These ideas can add something up to decoration, and also to organization.

The main trends in lamps are using attractive and ecologic lightbulbs, geometric forms, again, and metalized colours, in gold or rosy.

For the moment, these are the interior design trends for 2021, but we are sure we will be seeing some new styles in décor not so far from now…