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PVC Windows

PVC windows are the most used and looked for in the exterior carpentry market, which is a point that cannot be forgotten when we are planning to carry out a refurbishment. The quality of the material used in the woodwork will determine the room energy saving and its insulation. Due to its many advantages, PVC carpentry is increasingly being used in houses as well as in any kind of business.

This kind of window is very practical and versatile. As a construction material, it provides high-quality protection, just like any other service we offer in Athome. In fact, nowadays exterior carpentry is almost completely focused on working with PVC windows and aluminium windows.

There are many advantages of PVC windows against aluminium or any other old-fashioned materials. The main benefit is energy saving. A PVC window saves more energy during its life cycle than an aluminium one and, without any doubt, a lot more than a wooden window.

This is basically is because PVC windows offer a great thermal insulation. This material is ideal as an insulation solution due to plastic’s low absorption, regarding temperature (which means air conditioning and heating saving), as well as regarding noise (which can be translated into a more healthy, calm and quiet lifestyle).

Moreover, PVC windows are environmentally-friendly, regardless of what people may commonly think. Toxic gases are not released into the atmosphere while the windows are being made, and they can be recycled after their long life cycle, which can last more than fifty years.

Finally, windows made of PVC do not need a lot of maintenance work, and they are very easily set up. Also, they are very safe and offer many design options. Thus, PVC windows are a high-quality choice for your home or establishment windows.

PVC windows types

Windows made of PVC offer a lot of style and design possibilities, not only because of the number of colours in which they are available, but also because there are many types of PVC windows:

Trust Athome if you want to make the best choice with your PVC windows wherever you are in the Comunidad Valenciana, we are here to help.