Bioclimatic pergolas are the perfect choice if you want to use your terrace to the fullest, because they adjust temperature and solar impact.

One of the most beneficial innovations for those who own a terrace is the bioclimatic pergola. This structure functions like a smart ceiling: its aluminium slats provide more protection against solar rays and other weather elements than a normal pergola or canopy; thus, the bioclimatic pergola is meant to replace them.

Bioclimatic pergolas are designed both for houses and for businesses (especially, restaurants and cafés) that are looking for the transformation of a terrace, porch, garden, pool or outer area into a safe and comfortable space, thanks to the steerable slats. A bioclimatic pergola even allows the creation of a new area, like an outer lounge, with no need for building works, because these pergolas constitute a structure themselves and can be installed in the centre of a space or leaning against a building.

The bioclimatic pergola is getting more and more followers, due to different reasons. First of all, because a bioclimatic pergola provides solar and rain protection, when the aluminium slats are airtight, but also protection against the heat, with natural ventilation that fights the greenhouse effect. How can it be the solution for both problems?

The answer: the motorized and noiseless aluminium slats’ system, which allows the smart ceiling to be adjusted to different protection needs (solar, heat…) with a simple motion, manual or by remote control: the aluminium slats are steerable to every position, or can be closed completely. This also works for illumination: bioclimatic pergolas are capable of adjusting how much light enters the space as well.

All of this can be translated into a better use of the space, all year long. Either because of the protection against the heat or the rain, or because they provide intimacy and privacy, the bioclimatic pergolas are the best solution to enjoy the areas with maximum liberty.

On the other hand, a bioclimatic pergola has an adaptable design. Although there are standard sizes and models, there is always a solution which can be adjusted to every project, both in measurements and in colours and finishes. The most ordinary option is using a minimalist and robust design, which can be adapted to every decoration and style, but these pergolas are totally customizable: lighting, heating… can be added to them. Thus, we can create a unique one. This bioclimatic pergola combines effectivity, quality of life and premium design in just one product.

Finally, we cannot forget the perks of the bioclimatic pergolas regarding energy saving. On one side, because the steerable slats’ system offers temperature control with no need for air conditioning, 100% naturally. On the other hand, because there are systems designed for gathering the water that falls onto the bioclimatic pergola during the rain, so it can be used for irrigation later on.