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Interior Design

Athome’s main feature is guaranteeing high-quality services. Our comprehensive refurbishments and works are designed so we can completely fulfil our clients’ needs. This includes using the best materials, continuous advice while the works are being planned and carried through and, of course, a special design for the project.

Our interior design department has broad experience in taking care of complete remodelling and rehabilitation projects. Interior designing is way wider than decorating, and we in Athome know it very well: we seek to create new and unique rooms, changing and rearranging your home or establishment’s elements. We want to be 100% what our clients are looking for.

A good interior design project cannot forget about advising the client. Listening to our clients is only the first step. We also want to walk side to side with them, and to use our broad experience in the market to give the best tips about: how to distribute the space and which remodelling works are necessary if we want to make the most of the space we have; what decorating trends are suitable for the house; which colours and furniture will look better…

For us professionals in Athome, interior design’s main key is balancing usefulness and trendiness. If we want a project to stand out, we know we have to deeply know our client and what he or she wants for every room to be, his or her likings and preferences, and all the decorating trends.

Professional, experienced interior design

In Athome, we have an experienced and capable team that will include interior design in any project. Either for a new construction or for remodelling or rehabilitation works, our commitment to high quality means we always make ground-breaking proposals to our clients.

Let yourself be advised by our interior designers if you want any interior project to be designed and executed professionally.