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Shuttered Windows

From Athome (Calpe), we would like to highly recommend shuttered windows: a practical, classical and trendy enclosing system which combines style, insulation and protection.

Shuttered windows are robust shutters made out of hinges that are set up outside the ordinary windows. Their slats can be adjustable, apart from the classical fixed shuttered windows. As to the adjustable shuttered windows, we can adjust their opening.

Handling this kind of windows is very easy. Basically, we can change the slats’ orientation depending on what we need every time. We can choose how much light we want to let through the window and, as a consequence, the temperature, protection against the weather, etc. This makes them really useful and comfortable.

The main advantage of shuttered windows is insulation, regarding temperature and also noise. Any house can benefit from this type of shutter. Air conditioning and heating bills drop, because the temperature adapts to both the winter and summer needs. Energy saving is, henceforth, a shuttered windows’ advantage.

Moreover, shuttered windows protect against rain, hail and wind. Their acoustic insulation’s capability is very high, which means our lifestyle can become calmer and more quiet. Finally, we need to point out that they do not need a lot of maintenance work and they are ideal if you are looking for some privacy and intimacy.

Shuttered windows: style and usefulness

Shuttered windows can be used in modern, urban homes, as well as in the countryside. This is because they offer many style and design possibilities: they are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

This kind of window may fit any décor or architectural style, because they are available in a lot of materials. Their presence in a house means the facade will be elegant and singular. From Athome, we can advise you about the most appropriate colours and materials for your house.

Trust Athome in designing and setting up your home’s shuttered windows in Costa Blanca, Spain.