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Insect Screen Windows

Comprehensive refurbishments in houses have many allies. One of them are insect screen windows, a complement that needs to be taken into account, especially, if the house is in a country zone, where insects and even small reptiles can be a big problem.

Anyway, when the good weather comes, every house, even in big cities, can benefit from high-quality insect screen windows, which prevent mainly flies and moths from entering the house. Insect screen windows are the most effective and affordable way to protect your family from this discomfort and inconvenience.

These windows are very easy to set and they do not need any construction or remodelling works for their set up. However, a refurbishment project can be a good moment to buy and set this practical element.

Even though their main role is to prevent any kind of insect, reptiles or even small mammals from entering the house, in an effective, fast manner, they offer other advantages. For example, insect screen windows with anti-pollen materials are perfect if you want to fight an allergy.

On the other hand, they are a very affordable and practical alternative to pesticides and insecticides, which can harm the health of the people living in the house or even produce asthma, skin problems, headaches… Insect screen windows are also good for your pets’ health, and can prevent them from leaving though the windows.

If you purchase your insect screen windows with a professional team, such as the one we have in Athome, we can guarantee your windows will be made-to-measure, not only regarding their size, but also their form and colours. Insect screen windows made for a specific window and house will be waterproof and airtight, and will fit your home’s style.

Finally, we need to point out our insect screen windows’ high resistance and durability. Fiberglass or PVC screens are the ones that offer the best quality to users. Anyway, an insect screen window will always increase your welfare: its dark colour creates shades inside the house, so it is good against the heat.

Insect screen windows types

These windows can be made and set up in very different manners. From Athome, we advise you about the best option for your project and home.

We invite you to get to know our insect screen windows in Athome (we are based in Calpe, serving clients from the whole Costa Blanca - from Alicante to Valencia), and to let yourself be advised about refurbishments and enclosures by one of our experts.