When we set up windows or carry out an exterior enclosure, we must make sure that our project is efficient: thermal an acoustic insulation for both houses and businesses is crucial, as well as safety against fire or robbery.

An efficient enclosure must combine the best materials available, so protection and welfare are guaranteed. For family homes and establishments’ windows, and also for terrace enclosures, aluminium and PVC are the most used materials.

Aluminium has been a historically used material for windows in Spain. Nowadays it is still very common to find it as the main material in external carpentry, due to its many advantages. Aluminium windows are the most resistant, both against rust and general deterioration and weather inclemency.

These windows are shockproof and they do not need a lot of maintenance work. Windows made of aluminium are light and fire-resistant, as well, and they are also environmentally-friendly, because they can be totally recycled.

However, the most appealing feature of aluminium windows is probably the number of forms and colours they are available in. Aluminium is a very easily handled material, and it is non-expensive, too. This is why it is a very advisable choice.

Nevertheless, PVC windows have become popular in recent years, basically, because they achieve a more efficient insulation. They share many of the aluminium’s benefits (resistance, variety of colours and forms, little maintenance needed, environmentally-friendly…) but, at the same time, PVC saves more energy.

Their thermal insulation is almost complete. Plastic’s low absorption makes PVC windows very recommendable if we want to fight against hot or cold temperatures, depending on what we need every time. We cannot forget that windows are the place where most of the energy is lost in a home, its most vulnerable part.

From Athome, we would like to recommend a complete study of the room’s needs before any rehabilitation, refurbishment or new construction project. Efficient enclosures using PVC or aluminium for both our windows and our doors will ensure we are not wasting any energy, and this will benefit our budget as well as our planet.

Exterior enclosures: cutting-edge terraces and gardens

The best enclosures are those which allow us to make the most of our terraces, balconies and gardens. Just like with windows and doors, an exterior enclosure will be optimum if it uses the best materials, so our new space is protected against hot or cold temperatures.

Terrace enclosures may use crystal for the sides, sliding or folding doors and windows, moving curtains and ceilings… The best feature of an enclosure is that it creates a unique and brand new area without any construction works needed, which can be used both during the summer and the winter.

Regarding this, bioclimatic pergolas are highly advisable. They are the best option if you are looking for a smart space, which fights the greenhouse effect, saves energy and money, and is completely customizable.

When their steerable slats are closed, the terraces are protected not only against extreme temperatures, but also against the rain or the wind. At the same time, a bioclimatic pergola can be fully opened and this way the sun can go through just like if there was no ceiling at all, and good weather can be enjoyed.

In short, bioclimatic pergolas are one of the best options for terraces and gardens’ enclosures.