Natural light is the main feature people look for when buying a home, especially in the Costa Blanca

If you bought a home in the Costa Blanca, we are sure you want to make the most of the warm, beautiful, natural light that the Mediterranean houses enjoy all year long. Natural light is the main feature people are looking for when buying a home: it makes the place look bigger, it costs zero euros, and it increases people’s good mood.

Artificial bulbs can only hope to replicate sun rays, filled with vitamin D and able to make you and your family feel positive, happier and even more alive. Even though many of the houses in the Costa Blanca enjoy a great amount of natural light because of the good weather, in Athome we give you some tips you can follow if you want to make the most of natural light:

  1. Choose soft colours and light weight fabrics in your windows to preserve the natural light in your home. Heavy curtains and blinds take away too much light; it’s the same with dark, powerful colours. Thick fabrics will reduce the amount of light and make the place look smaller.
  2. Paint your walls in different shades of white. White walls will make the most of natural light because they reflect sun rays, rather than absorbing them. If you do not want all your rooms to be white, at least think about lighter versions of your favourite colours.
  3. Try to keep your ceilings a little bit lighter than the walls. If you are using a glossy colour on your walls, change it into a matte paint for the ceiling. The best illumination for the ceiling are skylights. Use them as much as you can.
  4. Use glass in your doors and anywhere else you can. If you want your home to be more transparent and let the light come through, you must consider changing wooden doors to ones that have glass, which can be clear but also frosted or stained if you want more privacy. Also, try to include other reflective, glassy surfaces, like mirrors or a glass backsplash in the kitchen.
  5. Finally, two small tips you may have not though about. Small plant pots can make a space look more vivid and alive, and this also helps natural light to disperse through the area. And windows and any other glasses in your home (including those in lightbulbs) need to be cleaned thoroughly if you want to prevent dust from blocking the light!